2019 Master Class Series

Ultimate Dance Center Brings You The Best In Dance With AERIAL ARTS!

2 Workshops:
​Saturdays July 6th & July 20th 12Noon-1pm | $20 PREPAY ONLY

Aerial arts can benefit a child in more ways than one! Although the trapeze apparatus was originally made to shock audiences at 35 ft in the air during spectacular shows, it has evolved into a meditation tool for personal practice, and physical and mental workout. In a Lyra class with Miss Kelly Mixon, your child should not only expect a full ground stretch and saucy choreography to end the class, but in the middle of the class, she will take them into a quieter space. “After we take a moment to center ourselves, by lying on the ground a breathing together, we will take flight to new heights. We will all learn together, one at a time, taking the time for your child and each of their friends to learn 1-3 tricks a class, improving strength, flexibility while showing support to their fellow creatives in the class the entire time as they cheer each other on and are encouraged by each other.”

Sassy & Fierce Aerial & Lyra

Join us for an ALL WOMEN’s aerial experience at
Ultimate Dance Center, led by Kelly Mixon!!!
2 Classes: July 8th & 22nd, Mondays at 6pm | $20 Ages 16 & Up Welcome!

The study of aerial arts forces participants to trust their physical strength in ways that it may not have been trusted before & brings countless benefits and positive effects.

“As an athlete I’ve maintained a certain amount of body control through ballet and contemporary dance practice. Although I danced my whole life, adding the element of the air and gravity gave me a confidence in my own strength that cannot be tested on the ground. After a few attempts at a trick, after you get past the voice in your head that says you can’t do it and the strangeness that comes with being in control of your body for the first time In a while! Your mind and body start to remember what it feels like to play and to experiment with the beautiful physique that you’ve been blessed with and it becomes addicting! Once I realized what I could do in the air, I couldn’t find anything in this world that compares to being suspended and totally in control, looking sexy and strong and feeling internally satisfied at the progress you make every time you get on the Lyra.

As a teacher, one of my most rewarding moments during class is when I’m working with a woman who keeps telling me she ‘can’t’ do something. We work together and with coaching, encouragement and body awareness, in a matter of one class, I am able to get this woman to the goal she said she’d never be able to make and she is smiling from ear to ear, the confidence oozing from her eyes and her body is fierce and sexy. That is my favorite moment in class. Nothing beats the sweet site of perseverance and success. Let me help you reach your fullest potential of self-confidence!”