Classes Offered

At UDC we feel that anyone can and everyone should dance! With over 20 different classes to choose from as well as a growing faculty of distinguished instructors, we have an amazingly diverse class schedule. We encourage endless opportunities for progress. We welcome students with no experience as well as students who have professional dance experience. We welcome students with physical and mental challenges. We welcome students who want to rise to the challenge and grow as dancers as well as everyone who wants a healthy workout. At Ultimate Dance Center we welcome ALL!

Academic Dance Classes Offered

To learn more about our unique & diverse class schedule check out our age break down & class descriptions, we’re confident our curriculum will guide your dancer through the ultimate dance experience!

(2yrs – Adult)

Pointe Ballet
(9yrs – Adult)

Kids Combo
(2yrs – 3yrs)

(4yrs – Adult)

Lyrical Dance
(4yrs – 11yrs)

Tap Dance
(2yrs – Adult)

Kicks, Jumps & Turns
(7yrs – Adult)

Kids Salsa
(7yrs – 11yrs)

Hip Hop
(2yrs – Adult)

Contemporary Dance
(9yrs – Adult)

(5yrs – Adult)

Acrobat Arts (Acro)
(2yrs – Adult)

Liturgical Dance
(2yrs – Adult)


Specialty Classes Offered

Special Creative Experience
(9yrs – Adult)

Technique & Choreography
(7yrs – Adult)