UDC Testimonials


“I’m 7 and have been at UDC for a few years. I get serious in Ballet, you have to be on time & respectful, kind & helpful to others. I love my friends at UDC! It is going good so far you know, it can be hard at times but I love it – you just hold your breath and take a big shot and go for it! I will keep memories and I will be a great student & I would be delighted to meet new friends at UDC!”
– Maggie Champion (8), UDC Competition Team dancer & Student 2016-2019

“I take Ballet 12+ with Freddies, I started coming to Ultimate Dance Center last year & I love it. I’ve been to a couple of other studios that weren’t great. I’m glad I found this studio & plan to stay a while ”
– Skylar Dees ​(17)

“I love UDC! In my Hip Hop class I have learned how to be confident in myself. Ms. Tiffany is nice & friendly and always encourages us to do well and NEVER give up! I a little ballerina in training, Mrs. Kristen has taught me to point my toes and fifth position. Whenever I mess up she always say “try again”.
– Alahni Robertson, (5), Hip Hop & Pre Ballet for 4-6yrs UDC Student

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“I have been at Ultimate Dance Center for about 2 years now. I enjoy UDC very much. I came from a bad studio before & UDC really opened up my eyes on Dance. I take multiple classes like Pointe, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz Contemporary, and Leaps/Turns. I am also on the UDC Competition Team. UDC is amazing for all ages, skill levels & genders. They really challenge their students and greatly improve on their dancing. One major thing they taught me at UDC is confidence. They taught me to be confident in my dancing and as a person. They really care for you & want to see you achieve greatness. I am so glad I joined UDC because it is a very positive environment. There is no judging & everyone is just really positive. If people ask me where a good studio to go to is, I will always say Ultimate Dance Center!”
– Alyse Milliken, (13), UDC Competition Team Soloist & Student

“I love dancing at UDC because they are so nice. I have made so many great memories and friends. My Ballet teacher Mrs. Suzanne has taught me so much. My contemporary teacher Ms. Kayloni had taken me so far in the dace world, I’m learning so much. I love dancing at Ultimate Dance Center.”
– Tiavonnia Evans (10), UDC Homeschool & Evening student, Teachers Assistant

“Hello, I’m Kyndra & I’ve been going to Ultimate Dance Center for almost 3 years & I’ve had the best experience!!! I take Acrobat Arts, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre & Contemporary. I’ve learned how to do a back walk-over, splits, tried acting, dance improvisation, and much much more. This place feels like another home and I can talk to anyone. I worked on The Ultimate Nativity Story and in the show I was an Angel. Having an experience like this is so amazing, I can’t even explain. This is my first show ever and playing a part in this has been so cool – I want to do another one! So, if you’re looking for a place for you, your son or daughter, UDC is the one. Have you ever wondered why we are called a CENTER & not a STUDIO? It’s because the teachers are teaching us to be better & improved dancers daily for all ages & levels. I’ve learned so much from Mr. Freddie DeJesus, Ms. Alicia Boyte Allen, Mrs. Kristen Howell & Ms. Kayloni Perez; join us & become an ULTIMATE dancer!”
– Kyndra Salopek (12), UDC Contemporary & Acro Dancer

“I really like dance because it makes me want to be better and improve with practice, focusing on the right steps – I really like Hip Hop, how it’s fast and you can freestyle, just getting to dance in so many styles is awesome!”
– Ady Boothby (8), UDC Student

“I’ve been taking Ballet with Mr. Freddie for a year and I love it. He has taught me a lot about ballet & helped me grow as a dancer. I am looking forward to what this season has in store! I just want to say thank you to Freddie for bringing this shy girl out of her shell & showing her you’re never too old to start Ballet!
– Cheyenne Harrison (19), FrediDance Project Company Member & Summer Camp Instructor

“I started Ultimate Dance Center recently & so far I love it. I take Acro with Alicia & Ballet with Freddie. Freddie is amazing & a wonderful teacher. Taking Ballet is helping me with other things like Acro, but I really enjoy it here, it’s AMAZING!! I’ve learned a lot of terminology & technique here that I didn’t have before.”
– Trinity Dees

“I love Ballet because it makes me feel elegant. Ultimate Dance Center challenges me & shows me how far I can go. Every lesson you learn something new & exciting. Thank you Mr. Freddie & UDC for keeping me happy & for showing me how great I can truly be!”
– Lisa Marie Walker, Teachers Assistant & Intern

“As a student at UDC, I enjoy the classes with teachers because they are kind, we have cool costumes for recital, and learn great technique. I would recommend going to UDC! It has been a great experience to be a part of Ultimate Dance Center”
– Melody Werd, UDC Competition Team Dancer 2017-18, Pointe Ballerina

“I love being a student at Ultimate Dance Center because they teach us everything they possibly can and they do that in fun ways. UDC is like a huge family; when a senior leaves and goes off into the world our cries of joy and our fun memories go with them on their journey! I love my second family at Ultimate Dance Center!”
– Ashley, student, student instructor, 12 yrs, jazz, musical theatre, competition, ballet & pointe, hip hop

“I love being a student at UDC because the instructors are so amazing at what they do. They do so much for us, they push us to achieve our goals. All of the dancers here are so sweet and I am so thankful to be a part of Ultimate Dance Center!”
– Oceanna George, student instructor, 15 yrs, FrediDance Project company member, UDC student since opening!

“UDC has changed my life! Before UDC, I didn’t think I could dance. But now, I can’t imagine my world without dance. I’ve learned so much and I see improvement every day, not only in myself but also in my fellow UDC members. The Ultimate Dance Center is a wonderful place!”
– MaryEllis Williams

“I really like my classes at Ultimate Dance Center. I’m always excited to go to dance. I take Musical Theater and intermediate Jazz. Both classes are extremely fun! I hope to come next year and possibly take even more classes.”
– Ella Parham

“I have been a dancer for a few years now, and I would like to say many thanks to Freddie DE Jesus for all his hard work and dedication he showed while teaching me. I have danced with Freddie in Just Fierce productions, Florida Dance Theater, Arts in Motions, and so much more and he has taught me many solos which I went to go compete and scored really well. Freddie just doesn’t teach dance, he teaches respect, acceptance, and patience, all in his professional choreography, and he is such and amazing inspiration to us all. Freddie teaches with a drive and dedication and he gets his work done, and he brings his visions to life on the stage as soon as he starts his choreography.”

Freddie is truly a credit to the dance world and I plan on dancing with him all the way through college. Teachers do make a difference, and having teachers pets…. well everyone is Freddie’s pet because he cares about all students while recognizing them as more than just his students, we all become one. So thank you Freddie DE Jesus for not just the dance lessons but for putting me out there and giving me the opportunity to perform what you have taught me, it is truly an honor to be your student.
– Catarina Stone, student teacher, FDP company member, UDC student since opening!

UDC Homeschool Students

“The teachers & staff support their students to learn not only the techniques of dance, but to gain confidence, grace and a sense of belonging & community. I love that the Homeschool Program provides so many options for children to explore dance styles and find different ways to express themselves & be creative.”​

“It is so fun. Mrs. Suzanne is great! I like the Homeschool Program because it is inspiring. It tells kids they can be whatever they want. It lets them be unique.”


“To see some of the students I’ve taught for only a year so far, and their growth… their strength… their tenacity… that’s why I like teaching at UDC. The students know what they want, and they go for it. No holding back.”
 – Chris Gonzalez, Kicking/Jumping/Leaping

“I enjoy teaching because it’s a way to pass on what I’ve been taught. Society works best when we invest in the intelligence of our youth”
 – Joseph Steinbauer, Musical Theatre

“I love teaching because it brings joy to my heart that what I create others can bring to life with their own style of my creation”
– Atelah St Cyr, Hip Hop

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“I teach Hip Hop, Ballet & Contemporary at UDC. Teaching is a joy because I get to inspire my kids to love themselves. It’s a chance for them to feel like themselves without judgement.”
– Kayloni Perez, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet

“What an amazing season of DANCE at Ultimate dance Center. I’m so proud of all of the dancers for so many wonderful accomplishments this season. Our Ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Spectacular was a huge success and we look forward to another great performance in 2017! The UDC Competition Team has been competing beautifully this season winning many awards and honors all around! All of our classes and programs continue to grow as more students join in for the love of dance! I’m so thankful and grateful to everyone for all their hard work and support. Many Volunteers for so many events and community activities, we cannot thank you enough. Resident Dance Company FrediDanceProject is now the official dance company of UDC and 501c3 Not for Profit Dance company providing scholarships in dance to youth from all over Florida and the US. FrediDance Project Summer Intensive has over 50 applicants and we will now be offering FrediDance Project Junior Intensive to our youth at Ultimate Dance Center and open to youth from all over Polk County to advance their training during Summer. We look forward to the continuance of Bringing the Best in Dance to Polk County and Central Florida! Thank you UDC Family, Let’s keep DANCIN!!!!”
– Freddie (about 2016-17 season)

“Mr. Freddie is a truly wonderful teacher, choreographer, and coach. I spent two years working with Mr. Freddie at Florida Dance Theater, and he helped me tremendously. As a certified Bun-head, he helped create a safe and welcoming environment for me to explore contemporary movement, and I even grew to enjoy it quite a lot. I went from from nearly hating improvisation to missing the traditional end-of-class exercise when I stopped having his classes. He helped me learn to move bigger, and have more confidence to move in different ways. He encouraged me to take all the dancing opportunities I could, and introduced me to some himself. I can honestly say that he is an important part of my growth as a dancer, and his passion for the art of dance, in every form, will rub off on anyone who has the pleasure to work with him. Thank you Mr. Freddie!”
– Arianna Morrison, currently trainee with Ballet Palm Beach


“I love having both of my kids at UDC it’s a great balance, I look forward to coming here, I like coming here it’s fun & they love it! My son & daughter get a chance to try new things, the schedule is flexible. I forgot my son had class one time – I was reminded and I got excited!”
– Tyler Mccormick, Dance Dad

“Ultimate Dance Center has such a family feel – everyone’s welcoming. Our kids become friends with other kids, and I’ve become great friends with parents – both of my daughters love it here!
– Lynette Rodriguez​, Dance Mom

“Everyone is so supportive here at UDC – my daughter used to struggle in class and I really loved that Jen Davis, her instructor, was invested in her taking class seriously & succeeding – we both were able to work through and work together to make my daughter feel comfortable and have a positive experience with dance. I’m so glad I was never turned away.”
– Megan Wolf, UDC Competition Dance Mom, FrediDance Project Company Member, UDC Faculty Instructor

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“Ultimate Dance Center has lit a fire in my daughter and she has become a dancing machine. UDC is a household name to our family.”
– Trevor George

“Ultimate Dance Center has made a huge impact on my daughters self-confidence and has also improved her grades in academics. She absolutely loves her dance instructors and has made many friends”
– Misty George

(To Jen Davis) “You are the backbone and Mama bear to our dance family. You are such an amazing person inside and out. We love that you see potential everywhere you look. You are always up for a challenge. Because of those things we are so grateful for you. Thank you for teaching with a strong but loving hand (Lord knows Samantha needs that!). Those two things are hard to accomplish side by side and you have mastered it. Thank you for taking Jacobs dancing to whole new level. He amazes us every time we see him dance. He is an entirely different person than he was a year ago. Dancing has changed our family for the better. Thank you for all the time spent working with us. You are a true example of a great leader, thank you for all of your support. Thank you for helping to make our kids dreams come true. Thank you for making us better. Thank you for creating a dance family that we didn’t know we needed but would be lost without them now. You are the best dance Mom anyone could ask for. We love you”
– Shandria & Jason Brookins

(To Freddie) “Thank you for all the support and encouragement you give our 3 children; For having so much faith in them as dancers and people. You see each of their strengths and build them up to be the unique people that they are. You always have a kind word, loving smile & warm heart – it melts ours everytime we watch them with you. You are such an inspiration and a great role model for our little dancers. Thank you for pushing them and us to the next level. Thank you for helping us be able to make our kids dreams come true! We love you!”
 – Shandria & Jason Brookins

“As I have expressed many of times, our whole family is very happy to be part of the UDC family.  From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, the time at the studio is a positive experience. The highlight for us the parents, our kids are happy.  Excited about what they’ve learned and feeling like they are growing by the positive challenges and expectations you bestow on them.  That alone is some kind of wonderful.
Besides the appreciation we have for you on a daily bases…thank you so much for allowing Schuyler to be part of the show by bringing her on stage and letting her to share her broken foot story.  That was truly the sweetest and unexpected moment for her and us.

Understandably, her circumstances could have very easily caused her to be dismissed in the grand scheme of things (meaning you had a huge production to execute and she was a little blimp in it all).  The fact you guys didn’t let her hard work go amiss and more importantly didn’t let a family member be forgotten due to an unfortunate circumstance (in the midsts of dance craziness) is a true testament of your hearts and priorities.
This being our first recital with you, we were wowed by the love and support you  not only have for your dancers but for the community as well.  The time you gave to others and the time you allowed others to share their stories brought the production to life with heart and purpose.  A family.
Don’t every forget these beginning years, the hopes, goals and change you wanted that lead you to open your own studio.  Fight against becoming jaded due to those few disgruntled parents,  business running frustrations, etc.  just stay the path b/c you are on a very special one that has the support of families like ours who sees and appreciate what you and your team are doing.
Thank you for you.  You should be so proud.
Love and appreciation
 – Steve, Juanita and gang – Juanita & Steve Aycock

“Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your recital last week. Although this was my granddaughter’s first dance recital, I have attended many dance recitals over the years. I was impressed with the choreography and the wide range of musical selections. I also want to say that I think the inclusion of the special needs dance group was a beautiful addition to the recital. Bravo! Job well done!”
 -Marie Galin

FrediDance Project Summer Intensive 2017

“FDP is an excellent place to ‘up your game.’ FDP has strengthened me physically so that I can dance to my full potential and be consistent. By being consistent in dance, it is to keep going and do it to your full potential. Soreness is an absolute in the program but it definitely makes a difference in how I dance! Fredi Dance Project is a great opportunity and I am glad to be a part of it.”
– Bryanna Small

“FrediDance Project is helping me achieve my goals as a dancer in many different ways. The first way is helping me build my strength, ballet & contemporary especially. Another way is taking constructive criticism. I’ve learned to not take it personal because they’re just there to help you! Throughout the week and a half that I’ve been here I’ve learned to build up my confidence and to always believe in myself, also to just do what makes me happy!!! Most importantly to keep working, an d pushing yourself to your limits no matter what.”
– Lanna Vargo

“FrediDance Project has helped me some of my goals so far like the improvements in my emotions when dancing. I have a lot more goals to achieve and chase and FDP is going to help me with that. FrediDance Project is teaching me that in order to achieve my goals, I must work on myself as an individual not just as a dancer!”
– Oceanna George

“I have been dancing for 11 years, and am 13 years old. I currently dance at UDC and was previously on their competition team, 2016-17 Season. I have been in school productions and in Ultimate Nightmare before Christmas, [I love what I get to do at Ultimate Dance Center!]”
– Lily Hardwick, Competition & UDC Student