At UDC we feel that anyone can and everyone should dance! With over 20 different classes to choose from as well as a growing faculty of distinguished instructors, we have an amazingly diverse class schedule. We encourage endless opportunities for progress. We welcome students with no experience as well as students who have professional dance experience. We welcome students with physical and mental challenges. We welcome students who want to rise to the challenge and grow as dancers as well as everyone who wants a healthy workout. At Ultimate Dance Center we welcome ALL!


To learn more about our unique & diverse class schedule check out our age break down & class descriptions, we’re confident our curriculum will guide your dancer through the ultimate dance experience!

2-3 yrs:

Kids Combo Classes (Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop & Tap), Kids Acro (2-5yrs)

4-6 yrs old:

Tap, Pre Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Kids Acro (2-5yrs), Beginners & Intermediate Acro (6yrs only & up), Clogging (5+), Boys Hip Hop (5+)

7-11 yrs old:

Ballet, Beginners/Intermediate Tap Only, Hip Hop, Acro (All Levels), Jazz, Clogging, Musical Theatre, Kicks Turns & Jumps, Pre Pointe (9-12yrs), Contemporary, Boys Hip Hop (5+)

12 yrs and Adults:

Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Clogging, Acro, Street Jazz, Kicks Turns & Jumps, Pointe & Pre Pointe, Contemporary, West Coast Swing

Specialty Classes:

West Coast Swing, Belly Dance, Salsa, Master Classes (see master classes tab)

Sassy & Fierce Adult Series:


BALLET (2yrs-Adult)
Ballet dance is a formal & beautiful style of dance with its origins in the Italian Renaissance and further developed in France and Russia as a concert dance form. It is a highly technical form of dance with a universal vocabulary. It is best known for its classical form and notable for its graceful, flowing, precise movements.  Ballet serves as the backbone for many other styles of dance, as many other dance genres are based on ballet. Ballet became popular to the mainstream society with famous productions from Russian composer Tchaikovesky’s Swan Lake, & The Nutcracker that have inspired the dance form to be appreciated by the public.
UDC offers Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Ballet classes for dancers ages 2yrs old through Adult ages:

  • Pre Ballet for (4-6yrs) with Kristen Howell, Megan Wolf, Suzanne Lovely, & Shannon Smythe
  • Ballet I (Beginners) for (7-11yrs) with Freddie De Jesus
  • Ballet II (Intermediate) for (7-11yrs) with Kristen Howell
  • Ballet III (Intermediate / Advanced) for (7-11yrs) with Suzanne Lovely
  • Ballet II (Beginners Intermediate) for (12+) with Jordan Raybon
  • Ballet IV (Advanced) for (12+) with Freddie De Jesus
  • Adult Ballet (18+)

~See schedule for times and studio location

Pointe Ballet Class (9yrs-Adult)
All pointe classes are designed for students with previous ballet training. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. Each class includes barre exercises, center floor work and across the floor combinations. Class curriculum includes:

Pointe technique – The part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work (dancing on the tips of the toes).

Pointe work – Performing steps while on the tips of the toes, with feet fully extended and wearing pointe shoes, a structurally reinforced type of shoe designed specifically for this purpose.

UDC offers:

  • Pointe & Advanced Ballet (12+) with Suzanne Lovely & Kristen Howell

Kids Combo (2-3yrs)

Kids Combo classes are a new approach to dance with a combination of styles including Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop & Acrobat Arts (Acro) for 2-3 year old boys & girls! In this fourty-five minute class, the basic elements of dance are introduced in a positive and loving way. Students develop coordination, confidence, rhythm skills & balance while interacting with other young dancers to age appropriate music. Families are encouraged to enroll their young dancers in this class to establish & cultivate basic beginners interest in dance as well as socializing with their peers.

  • Kids Combo: Ballet & Tap with Megan Wolf, Celeste Howell and Analy Gamino
  • Kids Combo: Ballet & Acro with Alicia Allen
  • Kids Combo: Hip Hop & Ballet with Kayloni Perez

~See schedule for times & studio location

Jazz (4yrs-Adult)

Jazz is a fun dance style that relies heavily on originality and improvisation. It originated in the U.S. in the early 1900s as African and European styles merged. A jazz dancer was traditionally part of a jazz band during performances. These dance trends soon spread & the result came in the form of popular dances such as the Charleston, Jitterbug, Swing & Boogie Woogie. Jazz dance gained more mainstream success is musical theatre productions such as West Side Story & Chicago, popularized by choreographer Bob Fosse. Many jazz dancers incorporate rhythm, coordination & fast paced movements with different styles into their dancing, allowing their own expression. Jazz has several benefits including strength, flexibility, and endurance training with high leaps, floorwork, & nimble precise steps. Jazz dancing often uses bold, dramatic body movements, including body isolations and contractions.

UDC Offers:

  • Jazz (4-6yrs) with Megan Wolf, Celeste Howell and Analy Gamino
  • Beginners Intermediate Jazz (7-11yrs) with Jessica Ruiz
  • Intermediate Jazz (7-11yrs) with Dawn Gilley
  • Beginners Intermediate Jazz (12+) with Dawn Gilley
  • Advanced Jazz (12+) with TIffany Conliffe
  • Intermediate Jazz (12+) with Ashlyn Maxwell

~See schedule for times & studio location

Lyrical Dance (4yrs-11yrs)
Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. This style challenges choreographers and dancers alike to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. With a relatively recent history focusing on musicality a lyrical performance can include but is not limited to a fusion of ballet with folk, rock, pop, and alternative music. A lyrical dancer’s movements attempt to convey the meaning of the music. Lyrical dance is a very passionate and emotional dance style. Another aspect of this style focuses on each dancer’s individual approach rather than precise movements and is often the style chosen by soloists. Lyrical dance portrays certain emotions and tells a story through every movement made.
UDC Offers:
•  Lyrical (4-6yrs) with Dawn Gilley
•  Beginners Intermediate Lyrical (7-11yrs) with Dawn Gilley
~ See schedule for times & studio location

Tap (2-Adult)

Tap dance was developed in the United States during the 1900s, and has become popular world-wide. This style is a fusion of British Isles clog dancing & step dance with African drumming. Legends Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly maintained the dance styles popularity through their own interpretation that are still used today. Mainstream popularity of Tap dancing came about through dancers performing with Jazz bands in lounges as well as the musical theatre production 42nd Street. The name comes from the tapping sound made by the specific shoe of the dancer designed with metal plate affixed to the ball and heel of the sole. When the small metal plates on the dancer’s shoes touch a hard floor the sound is expressed and the dancer can move with the rhythm of the sound. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician!

UDC Offers:

  • Kids Combo (2-3yrs) (Ballet & Tap) with Megan Wolf
  • Tap (4-6yrs) with Megan Wolf, Celeste Howell and Analy Gamino
  • Beginners Intermediate Tap (7+) with Jessica Ruiz
  • Advanced Tap (12+) with Karolyn Stine

~ See schedule for class times & studio location

Kicks, Jumps & Turns (7+ – Adult)

Kicks, Jumps & Turns with Tiffany Conliffe is a specialty class focusing on foundations in jazz technique to prepare students for dancing professionally as well as cultivating specific movements such as floorwork, leg work and leaps. This class is open to all ages. Similar to jazz, lyrical, and contemporary technique – in this class each student will learn different kinds of turns, jumps, leaps, and kicks including more complicated combinations across the floor and center floor.  Be ready to challenge yourself with fun, new, and exciting tricks and turn combos!

UDC Offers:

  • Beginners / Intermediate Kicks Jumps Turns (7+)
  • Advanced Kicks Jumps Turns (12+)

~ See schedule for class times & studio location

Kids Salsa (7yrs-11yrs)
Salsa is a fun fast dance style that is a cultural gem of Latin America! Enjoy learning footwork, new songs, and history of this spicy & smooth dance style for the whole family!
UDC Offers:

  • Kids Salsa (7-11yrs) with Freddie De Jesus
Hip Hop (2yrs-Adult)

Hip-Hop is a dance style made popular in the 1970s in the US by “dance crews” and DJS, usually danced to hip-hop music that evolved from the hip-hop culture. The style was popularized in the South Bronx, New York, where originally the DJS were legendary and famous which then inspired dancers by mixing songs on turntables to entertain. Hip-hop includes various moves such as breaking, popping (which bore the famous dance Electric Boogalo), locking and crumping, and even house dance. Improvisation and personal interpretation are essential to hip-hop dancing. The style maintains popularity today in mainstream culture through R&B, Hip Hop, and Rap music with popular dances like the Cupid Shuffle, Watch me Nay Nay, the Dougie, Electric Shuffle, the Wobble & more!

UDC Offers:

  • Kids Combo (2-3yrs) Ballet, Tap & Hip Hop with Kayloni Perez
  • Hip Hop (4-6yrs) with Tiffany Conliffe & Kayloni Perez
  • Hip Hop (7-11yrs) with Samuel Chambers
  • All BOYS Hip Hop (7+) with Samuel Chambers
  • Hip Hop Beginners (7-11yrs) with Kayloni Perez
  • Hip Hop Beginners/Intermediate (12+) with Kayloni Perez​
  • Advanced Hip Hop (12+) with Kayloni Perez
  • Homeschool Hip Hop with Tiffany Conliffe​
Contemporary (9yrs – Adult)

Contemporary/Modern dance is a dance style that rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet, focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings. It was created in the mid nineteenth & early twentieth centuries in Germany most notably as a rebellion against classical ballet, emphasizing creativity in choreography and performance. This form of dance is closely linked to other styles of dance and doesn’t rely on fixed moves but develops new & creative forms as well as dynamics including expressions of raw emotion, oppositional moves as well as non-standing moves i.e. floor work. This style is innovative incorporating improvisation technique rooted in free flowing choreography with elements added to challenge each dancer’s growth. Contemporary dance pushes the limits of our form & physique while embracing the freedoms of creativity.

UDC Offers:

  • Beginners Contemporary (9+) with Kayloni Perez & Freddie De Jesus
  • Beginners Intermediate Contemporary (9+) with Freddie De Jesus
  • Homeschool Contemporary with Suzanne Lovely
  • Advanced Contemporary (12+) with Freddie De Jesus

~ See schedule for times & studio location

Clogging (5yrs +)

Clogging is a type of folk dance in which the dancer’s footwear is used percussively by striking the heel, the toe, or both against a floor or each other to create audible rhythms, usually to the downbeat with the heel keeping the rhythm. Possibly one of the oldest forms of dance with origins dating back to the 1400s, this style has been embraced in Europe & the US through competitive dance as well as popularized by Celtic step dancing from the United Kingdom.

**This class is enrollment by approval only and all students are officially members of the UDC Cloggers Team, which engages in community performances, party performances, competition & more! Participation is not required but a definite plus!” entirely

Acrobat Arts (Acro) (2yrs – Adult)

Acrobat dance classes are fun and challenging as they teach flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration. The high degree of dedication, discipline, and concentration required for acrobatics carries over to many aspects of a student’s life, including overall academics and other athletic performance. This form of dance combines gymnastics techniques and incorporates control, flexibility & strength training. Our instructor Alicia Allen is certified Level 1 in Acrobat Arts & Training and bases her classes on the AAC1 curriculum.
UDC Offers:

  • Kids Acro (2-5yrs) with Alicia Allen
  • Kids Acro (4-6yrs) with Alicia Allen
  • Beginners Acro (6+) with Alicia Allen
  • Intermediate Advanced Acro (6+) with Alicia Allen
  • Acro Hip Hop (7-11yrs) with Alicia Allen
  • Advanced Acro (12+) with Alicia Allen

~ See schedule for times & studio location

Liturgical Dance

This class builds on the foundations of faith in your life – dance as an art form is one of the most vibrant ways of self expression – with a contemporary feel set to Christian music! Join us for a free drop in Saturdays at 1pm for your 1st time, and no fees to add the class to your schedule ($45 per month added tuition)!

Call to join now or drop in this weekend & try a new UDC experience today!

Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole. Although musical theatre overlaps with other theatrical forms like opera and dance, it may be distinguished by the equal importance given to the music as compared with the dialogue, movement and other elements. Musical Theatre at Ultimate Dance Center emphasizes a Broadway Jazz dance style with audition & acting preparation, improvisation techniques & vocal training! Musical Theatre is taught by Kristen Howell, schedule times vary.

  • UDC Offers
  • Musical Theatre 7-11 yrs
  • Musical Theatre 12+ yrs
UDC brings dance fitness to you with Adult Zumba classes Saturdays at 9am! Join us for an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and music. This great workout will give you some moves & a great workout. Classes led by Noemi Short, $15 drop in per class or sign up for $55 Monthly!


Special Creative Experience (9+ yrs)

UDC is the place where everyone can dance! Taught by in house FrediDance Project Company Members, The Special Creative Experience Dance Class meets weekly for fun social dancing & learning a routine for our annual Best In Dance Recital! This class focuses on developmental dance, allowing students who are growing & learning to build self-esteem and self-expression through dance & music! With popular dances like the electric slide, wobble & more the SCE Class encourages those with special abilities to enjoy dance & be themselves. Class meets Mondays at 7pm!
Contact Kim Collins or Mickie Brown for more info at: |

Technique & Choreography (Ages 7+)

In this specialty class, dancers will learn necessary skills & foundations of dance and how to apply them in choreography. Class time features dynamic stretching & flexibility work, across the floor movements, leaps jumps and turns, and brief combinations to train the dancer to top level technique. Taught by Competition Team National Soloist Champion & World Dance Championship Dancer & Choreographer Tiffany Conliffe

Belly Dance

Belly Dance with Yoany Cisneros “Traditional Egyptian style” Originally a Middle Eastern folk dance, belly dance is an expressive dance which emphasizes complex movements of the torso. This dance class is fun while also challenging abdominal endurance and strength. Open to all Beginners, and performance opportunities available as well! Class meets Fridays at 6pm!

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing with Paul Fairbanks A form of swing dancing that is danced in a slot to moderate tempo. A very smooth member of the swing dance family. This is a lead & follow dance style that is playful and fun. No partners or experience needed! Casual attire is recommended. It is characteristically highly musical and can adopt many nuances from other forms of dance. This makes West Coast Swing a highly versatile dance form. Class meets Thursdays 7-9pm! Taught by Paul Fairbanks, Christa Harden Harold, & Miguel Barcelo


Fun, Easy, and Sassy, Latin dance with elements of jazz & rock, New York Style. Beginners Class Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Full Class meets Tuesdays at 7pm! Taught by Eddie Benitez.

Sassy & Fierce
Ultimate Dance Center brings you DANCE FITNESS & HEELS, ! Sassy & Fierce is for any & every DIVA! A women’s only series to instill confidence. Fun social dance classes in a safe positive space – perfect for gals night or treating yourself! No experience needed 😉
Call to sign up today! 863 644 5275 | $55/ Month or $15 per class Drop In.
Ages 16+ Only (Parental Waiver Accepted)
​Led by Glenisha Lewter & Shannon Smyth
Summer Intensives offered by FrediDance Project (In House Dance Company):

Summer Intensive Programs are designed for the dedicated dance student. Students are placed in either the Junior Intensives (ages 7-12) or Senior Intensives (ages 12-18). The Intensives have a set of core classes with its rigorous schedule of dance, choreography and fitness. This program is designed to inspire dancers to enhance their training on a pre professional level providing an opportunity for dancers to improve their artistic development as well as experience a company environment. Dancers in the intensive programs will gain the technique and experience that will build their knowledge, strength & abilities overall to pursue professional careers in dance. This program is for dancers of all ages and abilities. Dancers must audition to participate. Video auditions are acceptable. Scholarships are available.
Contact for details!

More information at

Master Classes at UDC

UDC brings YOU the best in dance not only with our amazing class schedule & programs but also by inviting Guest Artists & Choreographers to teach a one-time Master Class. Check the schedule for Master Classes offered per month – various styles & Instructors visit UDC to expose & inspire students with their specific technique & professional knowledge. Master class are open to any dancer, regardless if they are a UDC student. We hope you can join us in the studio for some amazing guest instructors!